5 reasons why you need dental implants today

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5 reasons why you need dental implants today

Dental implants are tooth enhancement appliances that are used by a dentist for tooth replacement. At Dr. Robert L. Simon dental clinic, we offer tooth replacement in various different ways. However, in all these tooth replacement methods, dental implants Fullerton ca offer the best convenience. Getting dental implants can be the difference between an enjoyable dental treatment and a frustrating one. For the best dental implant surgery in the city, visit our dental clinic, and you will be assured of quality dental care. Below are several of the reasons why you should get dental implants among other dental replacement options.

Permanent treatment

What sets apart dental implants Fullerton ca from other tooth replacement methods is the idea of a permanent replacement solution. Dental implants are usually fitted inside the jawbone through surgical procedures making them firm and strong. Once they have been placed, they cannot dislodge easily and normally last more than ten years if well maintained. When you visit our dental clinic for dental implant surgery, the dentist will first check for any dental infections like gum disease and treat them first. This is to ensure that the gum is strong and healthy to support the dental implant. After that, the dentist will check for the strength of the jawbone which if insufficient will perform a bone graft before continuing with dental implant surgery.

Natural look

Unlike other dental procedures, dental implants Fullerton ca provide a natural look such that no will notice that they aren’t your natural teeth. At Dr. Robert L. Simon dental clinic, our dentist can help you select the best dental implant for you that will rhyme with adjacent teeth. Porcelain implants are among the best type of implants when it comes to tooth replacement. Their natural shine and shade match easily with ordinary teeth. Visit us today and get the best dental implants for your dental structure.

Ideal for tooth loss

If you have lost a few teeth on your dental structure, then all on 4 implants can be very suitable for you. Instead of the regular single tooth replacement, all on 4 implants enable you to replace a whole set of teeth without having to get single implants for every tooth. For this procedure, you don’t even have to have a strong jaw bone. Since the implants will be supported on 4 different areas on your gum, it becomes much easier to find the strongest part of your gum for the procedure.


Once you get dental implants Fullerton ca, you won’t have to worry about your teeth shaking, chipping easily or dislodging. The implants are usually designed to last for long. While other dental appliances may need regular maintenance, dental implants do not need regular check-ups due to their tough and durable nature.


Dental implants come in various varieties. Depending on your preference, our dentist can help you choose the most efficient one. Visit us today and enjoy different types of dental implants for your teeth.