Loss of teeth is a common condition that occurs to people as they age. Removable dentures have been a great solution to this situation, but they have a few disadvantages. They can never replace real teeth.

With new technology however permanent dentures can be applied and supported by dental implants.  One can replace one or more of their missing teeth with permanent dentures with the implants being inserted in the jawbone beneath the gum.

The implants are made of titanium which easily fuses with the jawbone and also strengthens the jawbone preventing future bone loss. With dental implants, it is possible to give an aging man a perfect smile appearing to have a full set of teeth and a youthful look.

This means that today a person with barely any tooth on their entire gum can undergo a makeover and get a full set of artificial teeth.

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Dr.Robert L. Simon is our highly qualified dentist who conducts this extreme dental makeover. This, however, is not to mean that the dental implants have to be fixed on each and every denture in the mouth. Depending on the nature and severity of the teeth loss on the gum, the dentist can place four implants strategically in the jawbone to support all the dentures.

Four implants will be inserted on the upper jaw, and four others on the lower jaw. This dental practice is known as all on 4, and it is one of the services we provide at our dental practice in Fullerton. This works on most dental cases to return the affected people to their full dental health.

How it is done?

Dr. Robert will, first of all, administer you with an aesthetic to relieve you of pain during the procedure. This will keep the procedure pain free and comfortable for you. The dentist will then remove the soft tissue over the jawbone and insert the implants to act as the roots for the dentures.

With the technology we have today, the dentist can insert the crowns and abutments immediately after the surgery, unlike the traditional method where the dentist would give the patent some time off for the implants to fuse in the jawbone and completely heal. The Dentist, therefore, prepares the crowns and loads them onto the gums restoring them and holding them strongly into place.

Advantages of all on 4

The all on 4procedurehas many advantages while compared with bridges and dentures which solve similar dental problems. For one, the procedure can be fulfilled completely in one day. One can walk into our practice missing all teeth and walk out with a full set. All in one day! The recuperating period is also fairly short. Since only four roots are inserted in the jawbone, the procedure and recuperating period are quick.

The dentures are also durable, unlike dentures which require to be repaired and replaced often. Besides that, permanent dentures are comfortable and also appealing to the eye. The dentures pass for real teeth and since they are permanent there is no risk of them falling off or hindering speech.