The absence of teeth on the jawbone due to aging or accidents can be a major issue in one’s life. That is why dentures were invented and are still in use to replace lost teeth and restore the dental health of the affected people.

With dental implants taking the place of the roots and supporting the set of dentures, one can get a full set of replaced.

The all on 6 Fullerton experience is an advancement of the all on 4 procedure which is the more common procedure.

Six implants are inserted in both the upper and lower jaw of the patient to support the fixed set of dentures.

Instead of the four titanium roots to support the dentures, the dentist recommends the six on each jawbone. This is necessary in cases where a stronger anchorage for the dentures is required.

This procedure will only be recommended after the dentist has inspected the condition of the teeth and finds it the most suitable solution for the case.

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Which patients require an all on 6 Procedure?

This procedure works best on people with a need to replace an entire jaw of missing teeth. Most such patients are those that are very old and have lost most or all of their teeth with age.

If the patients happen to have an insignificant number of teeth still intact in the jawbone, they will have them removed to give room for the complete set of dentures.

Unlike traditional dentures, all on 6 procedure offers a stable and long term dental solution. The procedure is however not recommended to patients with medical conditions of diabetes or cigarette smokers.

The Procedure

Dr. Robert L. Simon, our clinic dentist, will first scan your mouth using x-rays and assess the extent of damage and the missing teeth. He will then place six implants on the affected jaw, lower or upper to act as anchors for the set of dentures.

As the implants are left bonded in the jawbone, they gradually fuse in the jawbone, acting as the natural roots of the teeth. The set of dentures that they support is permanent, and it is properly fixed in the jawbone giving you a natural smile that is long lasting.

We are the Best!

Our team of dentists is highly qualified, and they take the patient with a lot of care during the dental procedure. With our top-notch dental equipment and technology, our services are efficient and accurate giving our patients their desired quality and long-lasting solution. Patients need not worry about pain during the procedure.

Our dentists administer anesthesia to the patient to ensure that the procedure is pain-free and the patient is comfortable all through. We also offer free consultation services for first-time patients. You are welcome to visit us and get a check up on your dental health and possibly get treatment for any complications involved. We also offer 3D CT scans for our patients in order to determine the state of their teeth and also pinpoint their specific dental problems.