Dental implants are artificial teeth that are used to replace missing teeth. Of all the tooth replacement procedures, dental implants Fullerton CA provide permanence and comfort. At DR. ROBERT L. SIMON dental clinic, we provide a wide array of dental implant crowns. Depending on your preferred type, our dentist will guide you on the benefits and drawbacks of each. Getting dental implants is quite ideal in many ways one of them being a comfort.



Dental implants Fullerton CA offer great comfort as compared to other tooth replacement options. During the placement of dental implants, we normally drill the root of the implant into the jawbone such that it has the support of the jawbone. Once there, our dentist will then screw a dental crown on top to make it complete. A dental implant, once complete, acts as a natural tooth in that no one would notice it is artificial. Given it is rooted into the jawbone like a normal tooth, the dental implant is quite comfortable.


Stain resistant

Depending on the dental implants you get, you could enjoy stain resistant dental implants. One of the best quality in dental crowns is porcelain dental implants. Due to their tough structure, they rarely get stains from foods and beverages. We usually recommend this type of dental implants for people looking for aesthetic appeal. However, you shouldn’t forego regular dental hygiene due to this stain resistant quality. If the dental implant is not well brushed, it may begin to lose its original shade to a more darker shade.

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Dental implants Fullerton CA are very durable and can last more than 15 years if well maintained. Metal alloy implants are usually the most durable and resilient in all the dental crown types. Since the crown is made from an alloy of metallic components, it does not chip, break or even crack easily. These implants do not usually require a lot of repairs but if they do it is usually very expensive. You can also opt for porcelain implants which also have very high durability as compared to composite implants.


No cavities

When you get dental implants fitted, you won’t have to worry about any cavities or tooth decay. Tooth decay normally affects the organic enamel of the tooth. Once you place an inorganic porcelain dental crown, the cavity cannot infect the tooth. This helps reduce the spread of dental infections.


They are permanent

Dental implants are usually surgically fitted into the jawbone. This makes them firm and strong. Unlike other dental replacements that may dislodge or shake as you speak, dental implants Fullerton CA are permanently stuck making them unmovable. If well maintained, you won’t have to go for regular visits to the dentist since the dental implant is strong and durable. For the best implant surgery in the city, you can visit our clinic at DR. ROBERT L. SIMON dental clinic.