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Teeth complications can be a major cause of discomfort especially when they affect the way one smiles.

A patient suffering from crooked and improperly shaped teeth will obviously have a hard time smiling as they will always wonder what the rest of the people are thinking about their teeth.

This is a common issue all over the world, and that is why Dental Aligners Fullerton as one of the leading dental practices in Fullerton works towards the treatment of such teeth conditions on people consequently restoring them to their brilliantly perfect smiles.

We offer a few options in the treatment at our clinic based on the extent of damage on the patient’s teeth, the age of the patient, their budgetary arrangements as well as the personal preference on the patient.


Metal Braces

These are among the very earliest solutions to crooked teeth on patients. Metal braces are quite common, having been available in practice for quite some time now. The metal braces are manually fitted on the teeth using screws and links.

The braces hold the teeth in the desired position, and with time the teeth gradually grow into that space achieving the desired shape and alignment.

The patient has to wear the braces for some time, averagely 2 years, and in that period, the teeth are able to regain their intended natural alignment.

The procedure of installing the metal braces as well as their removal is done at the clinic. With recent advancements in technology, however, metal braces are not the best solution for patients.

The fact that the patient has to continually wear them for the prescribed period of time is the main reason they are not a favorite to many patients.

Many people also complain of the metallic nature of the braces which isn’t very appealing to the eye thus making them undesirable.

The more advanced dental aligners that are now available are colorless and blend in with the teeth.

They are called Invisalign invisible aligners.


This new brand of dental aligners is the latest technology that we have at our clinic, and they are a good fit for ailing patients. They are colorless, and they blend in with the color of the teeth making them almost unnoticeable, giving the patient a natural smile and look.

The procedure of inserting the invisible aligners is done at our clinic by our qualified dentist, Dr. Robert L. Simon in a one session appointment.

Though the procedure is a bit more expensive compared to the metal braces, the results come faster as the patient only needs to wear them for an average of 9 – 15 months. The patient also doesn’t have to wear them throughout as they are removable.

The technology used also ensures that the aligners are perfect for the specific teeth of the patient thus providing them with comfort while wearing them.


We offer a free consultation to first-time patients that may have queries concerning their dental health.

Therefore if you are in need of Dental Aligners, Fullerton contact us for the best dental experience to restore your perfect smile and social life.