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At DR. ROBERT L. SIMON dental clinic, we offer a variety of dental treatments. Among the various dental issues we treat on a day to day basis, tooth related issues are the most common.

For missing teeth, we usually recommend a dental bridge Fullerton first due to the ease and simplicity of the procedure. Dental bridges can be designed for adults and adolescents. Getting a dental bridge may be the ideal tooth replacement for you.

At DR. ROBERT L. SIMON dental clinic, we provide a customized dental bridge procedure that is tailored to your specific needs. Visit us today for any of your dental issues.

Reasons for getting a dental bridge

Getting a dental bridge Fullerton is quite suitable for a fast and easy tooth replacement.

While there are various types of tooth replacement methods, a dental bridge has unique features that make it better in comparison to other types.

To restore functionality

Once you get a dental bridge, you can resume normal chewing without having to worry about food getting stuck in between gaps in the teeth. Chewing became much easier and given that the bridge is made from a metallic material, it is quite reliable for chewing.

Visit us today and request for a dental bridge Fullerton.

Protecting the teeth

Tooth decay can easily affect your teeth if you have missing teeth. Food particles get stuck easily in those spaces increasing chances of tooth decay. If the person is not capable of maintaining proper oral hygiene, bacteria may form and affect the adjacent natural teeth making them prone to removal.

A dental bridge can help keep off the harmful bacteria y occupying the space left by the missing tooth. This is also ideal since the bridge cannot contract any tooth decay making it unlikely to spread across the dental bridge.

How does it work?

We usually recommend a dental bridge for people who are missing more than one tooth due to the model of the dental appliance. The bridge is placed across the gap having been supported by artificial dental crowns on either or both sides of the dental bridge.

The tooth support is usually stuck firmly onto the dental structure making it reliable in supporting the bridge firmly. You are able to select from a range of dental bridges which is the most ideal one for you.

Care and maintenance of dental bridges

A dental bridge, despite being tough and hard, can be damaged necessitating repair. Repairing a dental bridge can be quite expensive given that it is meant to be a permanent dental appliance. As the area heals for the first few days, we advise our dental patients to take soft foods to avoid injuring the area before fully healing. For relief to any pain or soreness, you can contact our dentist to get immediate dental attention and relevant painkillers.

Once you get a dental bridge Fullerton, you may have to abstain from using some types of toothpaste that may affect the bridge. The dentist will recommend the best toothpaste to use to preserve the dental bridge.