A crown may be all ceramic, metal ceramic, gold, acrylic resin or composite resin.  Ceramic crowns most closely mimic the appearance of natural teeth.  For that reason, they are primarily used to restore teeth in the front part of either upper or lower jaw.

Metal-ceramic crowns are used to restore teeth toward the back of the mouth where the strength of the bite requires more stress-resistant materials.  The 1-2 millimeters thick porcelain coating of metal-ceramic crowns is supported by the cast gold metal alloy structure of the crown.  Acrylic resin and composite resin crowns are intended for temporary use,  typically for several weeks but may be needed for up to 6 months.

Care of crowns

Teeth restored with crowns should be cleaned in exactly the same manner as natural teeth.  If a crown comes loose that is an indication that it has lost its cement seal and bacteria-containing saliva have probably been bathing the tooth structure inside the crown.

The tooth should be checked for decay before the crown can be re-cemented.  Implant crowns are immune to decay.

Reasons for getting a dental crown

Dental crowns are dental appliances that are widely used in cosmetic dentistry. At DR. ROBERT L. SIMON dental clinic, we offer various forms of dental cosmetics some of which involve invasive surgical procedures.

For a dental crown Fullerton however, the procedure is usually quite simple and straightforward. A dental crown can be a very ideal dental appliance for your teeth in various different cases. One of the most common reasons why we offer dental crown treatment is due to tooth decay.

Tooth decay

Tooth decay is a very common dental issue among dental patients all across the country. In fact, most of the dental issues we get at DR. ROBERT L. SIMON dental clinic are usually related to tooth decay in one way or another. Tooth decay can affect anyone from old people to very young children who haven’t yet shed their milk teeth. Treatment of tooth decay may involve the use of a dental crown Fullerton which is quite common in cosmetic dentistry.

For this procedure, our dentist first treats the tooth decay by eliminating all the foreign bacteria around the tooth enamel. Once the tooth decay is properly healed, the dentist continues to clean the tooth of any debris left by the decay. After that, the dental crown is placed covering the tooth.

Protection of weak teeth

Dental crowns Fullerton are very essential in protecting teeth that are weak or extremely sensitive. Weak teeth can easily crack or break making them quite a liability for the dental patient. While it may be hard to restore the vibrancy of the tooth enamel, our dentists may easily protect your weak tooth using the dental crown. This procedure does not require removal of the tooth but rather, the crown is placed on top of the natural tooth. Visit us today and enjoy top-notch cosmetic services.

Cosmetic purposes

Cosmetic dentistry is on the rise today. At DR. ROBERT L. SIMON dental clinic, for example, we offer tons of cosmetic procedures that are aimed at improving different areas of the face and mouth. Dental crowns are widely used in improving the appearance of the teeth. For people with discolored teeth, dental crowns can play a great role in concealing the teeth making the crowns look like the natural teeth.

This treatment is usually very convenient for people who are not eligible for tooth whitening and bleaching procedures due to the quality of their teeth.

To restore functionality

Tooth functionality is very important in regular chewing and biting. If a tooth is damaged from cavities or tooth decay, it may become dysfunctional meaning it won’t contribute to any of the functions of the teeth. A dental crown can help restore the functionality of the tooth by restructuring the enamel part of the tooth. Since the enamel is responsible for chewing and biting, the dental crown Fullerton will be quite efficient in substituting the normal tooth. Visit our clinic today at DR. ROBERT L. SIMON dental clinic and get some of the best dental crown placement in the city.