A filling replaces only part of a tooth due to decay or to replace part of a broken tooth. The photos to the right show the decay on the bottom of the last molar. Then the decay is removed (second photo) and finally, the tooth with the completed filling (third photo). The filling blends with the tooth creating a natural appearance.

What you need to know about dental fillings

Dental care has improved greatly over the years. With the advancement in technology in dental treatment, there are better ways of providing dental care to dental patients. At DR. ROBERT L. SIMON dental clinic, one of the most common dental issues we address each day is related to the health of the teeth. Poor dental care, as well as destructive oral practices, cause the teeth to become less functional requiring removal or replacing.

Dental fillings Fullerton is a key procedure in improving the functioning of teeth for both children and adults. Visit us today for the best dental fillings services in the city.

The procedure of dental fillings

Getting dental fillings Fullerton can take about three dental sessions. Depending on the extent of the problem, the dentist will determine the ideal number of sessions necessary for proper treatment. When you visit DR. ROBERT L. SIMON dental clinic, our dentist will first take an impression of your dental structure. This will help guide the placement of the dental filling. Once the imprint has been taken, the dentist will prepare a composite paste in a dental lab that will be used to fill the tooth. During the second session, the dentist will apply the paste on top of the dysfunctional tooth or missing tooth.

The dentist will apply an even amount to m mimic the position of a natural tooth. Once applied, it is left to dry and harden giving it the impression of a tooth. We usually recommend regular visits to the dentist to affirm the functionality of the dental fillings.

Reasons for getting dental fillings

We recommend dental fillings in a variety of dental situations one of them being protected.

Protecting the tooth

Dental fillings Fullerton can be used to protect a weak or sensitive tooth.

By covering the enamel of the tooth, the dental filling protects the tooth from direct damage. This helps the tooth last for much longer without having to remove the tooth.

Tooth functioning

The major problem with a missing tooth is that you won’t be able to perform usual biting functions as you normally would. Most of the time, food gets stuck in between the teeth giving a chance for the growth of bacteria and cavities.

By getting dental fillings Fullerton you can be able to chew normally again since the filling will act as natural tooth enamel. Visit us today for the best dental filling service.

Caring for dental fillings

Depending on the dental filling used to replace your tooth, the filling may last for a very long time. Nonetheless, it is important to prevent damage to the fillings in order to avoid repair. You can visit our dental clinic at DR. ROBERT L. SIMON dental clinic for regular dental check-ups on the condition of the dental fillings. Regular brushing and flossing are recommended to reduce the possibility of cavities or decay among natural teeth.

If necessary, you may get your dental fillings cleaned to make them whiter and remove any discoloring.