Various types of dentures

Dentures are a form of tooth replacement that is commonly used in dental restoration.

Despite being temporary, dentures Fullerton CA offer great convenience and efficiency when it comes to chewing and regular talking.

At Dr. Robert L. Simon dental clinic, we recommend dentures for people who have entire tooth loss or those who lack a number of teeth.

Before getting dentures fitted, we will first check your dental structure to ensure that you are viable for dentures.

Afterward, our dentist will design for you the most suitable denture for your dental structure. Visit us today and enjoy fast and effective denture placement.

Types of dentures

Depending on the state of your dental structure, our dentist will determine whether you require full dentures or only partial ones. For full dentures, you may have to get the remaining natural teeth removed in order for the denture to be placed on top of the gum.

If you have only some teeth missing, however, partial dentures are most ideal for your situation. Depending on your preference, our dentist will either provide immediate or conventional dentures Fullerton CA.

Conventional dentures

At Dr. Robert L. Simon dental clinic, we mostly recommend conventional dentures Fullerton CA due to their convenience once they are fit. For this type of dentures, you will have to wait for your gums to heal before getting the dentures fitted.

This means you will have to remain toothless for about 8 weeks for the dentures to be fit. However, once they’re fit, they rarely need any adjustment.

Immediate dentures

Immediate dentures are normally placed immediately your natural teeth are removed. We mostly offer this service to people who do not want to have a toothless mouth as they wait for their dentures.

However, immediate dentures may require constant adjustments as the gum shrinks moderately after tooth extraction. Visit our dental office and experience our quality dental treatment for tooth replacement.