A chipped tooth can terribly affect your smile especially if the tooth is located at the front of the dental structure. Some people who get a chipped tooth Fullerton ca tend to disregard dental restoration since they think that the procedure is very expensive. It is not uncommon to find somebody with a chipped front tooth and not in any hurry to get it fixed. All in all, tooth restoration is a simple procedure that can be done in a variety of ways. At Dr. Robert L. Simon dental clinic, we provide different tooth restoration techniques that are bound to get your teeth back to regular shape and size in no time. Depending on your preference and estimated budget, our dentist will help you select the most effective tooth restoration method for you.


Emergency aid for a chipped tooth

A chipped tooth Fullerton CA be caused by injury to the face. In most cases, children are the ones who get chipped or broken teeth as they engage in vigorous play. Once you get a chipped tooth, you should know how to provide pain relief in order to reduce shock which is usually common in dental accidents. First of all, once a piece of your tooth falls off, you should locate it and place it in a handkerchief or cloth just in case the dentist can restore the broken tooth. After that, you should try and control any bleeding by placing a cloth on the hurt area.

If you feel like there are some bits of the tooth inside your mouth, rinse thoroughly with water to prevent swallowing the pieces. After that, you can contact an emergency dentist for pain relief and restoration. You can give us a call at Dr. Robert L. Simon dental clinic for immediate dental treatment.



One of the ways that our dentist can restore your lost tooth is through bonding. This procedure involves using a special dental paste to cover the chipped area of the tooth. The paste is usually applied to the chipped part and molded to fit the exact portion that is missing. The paste is then hardened using a strong light which can either be laser or LED. The dentist may also choose to use the dental paste to restore the broken piece by placing the piece on the chipped tooth Fullerton ca.



Our dentist may also choose to use a small veneer to restore the lost tooth. Veneers are very ideal for tooth restoration since they have minimal dental procedures. The dentist will simply place the veneer on the chipped tooth and use dental cement to stick it permanently.


Dental implant

If you prefer getting the tooth extracted for another tooth to be placed, dental implants may be ideal for you. Dental implants offer great convenience and last much longer than most dental treatments. At Dr. Robert L. Simon dental clinic, you can get a variety of dental implants depending on your preference and estimated budget. Visit us today and enjoy top-notch dental services for chipped tooth restoration.