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Among the dental aligners available today are the traditional metal braces also known as metal aligners. They are the metallic wires that come to everyone’s mind when they hear of braces.

However, the metal aligners we have today are not the large metal mouths that we had earlier but are rather small and comfortable for the user.

With technology advancement that we have available to us today, the metal aligners are even fitted with heat sensors to use the patient’s body heat to enable the teeth to move easily and comfortably.

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Advantages of Metal Aligners

They are the least expensive aligners around. This means that anyone can afford them and get the desired treatment. Instead of focusing on expensive treatment options the user can work on a low budget and still get their teeth in order. They are also appropriate for kids. Sometimes kids have their metal aligners painted with bright colors, and this helps them express themselves which is an essential part of them growing up.

Some severe cases of dental misalignment require metal braces in order to set the teeth in the correct order and symmetry. Unlike the plastic aligners, metal aligners are more fit to solve severe cases, and they are thus used mostly in adults that may have suffered huge dental complications.

Disadvantages of Metal Aligners

Today metal aligners are not the most preferred option when it comes to teeth alignment methods. Unless the dentist has found that according to the extent of damage metal aligners are the best option, there are few reasons to stick to them. For one, they are not appealing to the eye at all. The color of metal on teeth seems unnatural and not attractive to people. Besides that, wearing metal aligners is tiresome and tedious. Another reason why metal aligners in Fullerton are not so popular, though being the preferred option for severe cases, is their long wear time.

The user has to continuously have them on for at least two years. The patient has to constantly wear them and keep up with the idea of having them constantly in the mouth. This is because they are not removable unless after a visit to the dentist after the prescribed period. It is, however, this aspect of being permanently fixed on the teeth that makes metal aligners a preferred option for patients with adverse dental effects and complications.

Metal Aligners are here to stay!

In spite of the advancements in technology and the introduction of invisible aligners, the traditional metal braces are not getting extinct any time soon. Like we said before, they are preferable for severe cases due to their healing power. If the dentist, therefore, examines you and insists that the metal aligners are the best fit for you, do not sulk at the idea of metal wires in your mouth.

Maybe if it will make you feel better, reassure yourself that their healing effect is the strongest. With this in mind, feel free to visit us for a free consultation. Once our Dr. Robert L. Simon will assess your dental condition and if treatment is required he will recommend the suitable option for you.