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Services offered in general dentistry

At Dr. Robert L. Simon dental clinic, we recommend taking regular visits to the dentist for a healthy dental structure. Most people do not usually give that much consideration for their dental health until the time when they need dental treatment. This is quite understandable since one would think that you shouldn’t try and fix it if there isn’t a problem. However, dental complications and illnesses do not arise from anywhere. They tend to develop slowly over time getting worse and worse if not attended to.

By the time you realize that you require dental treatment, the dental complication will have already manifested and will require immediate treatment to prevent it from causing serious problems. Visiting a dentist Fullerton ca is very important since you may avoid contraction of other dental deficiencies. One of the most common benefits of visiting a dentist is preventive treatment.

Preventive treatment

Preventive treatment refers to dental care that is aimed at improving dental health in order to avoid possibilities of contracting dental health issues. Preventive dental treatment is ideal for both adults as well as children. For children, it may be a bit more significant since growing teeth and jaws are prone to disfigurement if poorly maintained.

One of the common ways preventive dentistry can improve your dental health is through stopping tooth decay.

At Dr. Robert L. Simon dental clinic, we usually give tooth decay treatment a priority with the intent of preventing root canal therapy. Once you visit our dental clinic, our dentist Fullerton ca checks for signs of tooth decay and if any offers different ways of treating and preventing it from spreading. Visit us today for the best preventive treatment in the city.


Emergency treatment

Emergency dental care is very important for both you and your child. Dental accidents can occur at any time and may make you bleed intensely. In such a situation, it may be difficult to provide dental first aid without the proper understanding of how to do it. This is where the significance of emergency treatment comes in. With an emergency dentist, you can get immediate treatment for any dental accidents and prevent them from becoming worse.

Our dentist Fullerton ca stop bleeding and provide pain relief either through oral medication or injection. Visit us today for the best emergency treatment.


Restorative dental care

Our dentists at Dr. Robert L. Simon dental clinic can help you restore the functionality of your teeth and jaws through various dental procedures. Tooth functionality can be lost through tooth decay, injury to the teeth or other general oral infections. Using modern-day dental appliances like Invisalign, you can get your teeth back to their usual shape color and appearance in just a single dental session.

Restorative dental care is very similar to cosmetic dentistry in that it restores the aesthetic value of your teeth and smile making you look much better than before. We offer tooth whitening, veneer placement, dental implant surgery among other restorative dental procedures.