Teeth bonding Fullerton is a burgeoning field in dental treatment.

For most people, they are not aware that this procedure can be performed making them go for other expensive procedures that may substitute tooth bonding.

At DR. ROBERT L. SIMON dental clinic, we offer tooth bonding services with a variety of tooth bonding materials to choose from.

Our dentist will help you select the most suitable bonding material depending on your preference and estimated budget.

Visit us today and enjoy top-notch dental services.

Reasons for getting tooth bonding

Bonding your teeth can be done for many reasons. While there are various methods of providing dental care, tooth bonding Fullerton has its advantages which make it preferred among other dental methods. One of the reasons why we may recommend tooth bonding is in the event of a broken tooth.

For broken and chipped teeth

Broken or chipped teeth tend to display a bad impression as you smile. To eliminate this completely, you can visit us for tooth bonding Fullerton. For this procedure, the dentist will first make a paste in a dental lab.

Depending on the size of the broken piece, the paste is leveled. Once ready, the dentist will apply the paste onto the tooth shaping it evenly to look like the missing part of the tooth. Once complete the area left to dry leaving you with a complete tooth.

However, you should avoid taking hard foods on the first days that the bonding has been placed.

For covering decayed teeth

Decaying teeth are damaging to one’s appearance. Instead of removing such teeth, you can choose to cover it with dental bonding to protect it from further decay while also serving a cosmetic purpose. In this procedure, the dentist will first have to clean the tooth of the decay before placing the bonding. This is done to prevent the decay from continuing to develop within the tooth.

The decay can be removed using ozonated water. This clears out any impurities inside and around the tooth. Once clean, the dentist then covers the tooth with the dental paste and shapes it evenly edging the upper part for chewing purposes. The dentist also shades the bonding to imitate the shade of the adjacent teeth. Once set the area is left to dry until the tooth becomes fully operational.

Cosmetic purposes

Dental bonding is largely used for cosmetic dentistry. By covering the entire tooth, one is able to conceal any discolored or decayed teeth that may have been damaging to the dental structure.

Dental bonding Fullerton can also be used to improve the position and shape of a tooth. This can be done to help change the general appearance of the individual. Likewise, it is a very inexpensive procedure as compared to other forms of tooth enhancement. Dental bonding is a permanent procedure meaning you can stay with it for a very long time with proper care. Visit us today and enjoy some of the best cosmetic procedures in the city.