Dental crowns are dental appliances to are used to conceal natural teeth and portray a white set of teeth. You can get a dental crown Fullerton ca either for cosmetic purposes or dental treatment. Depending on your dental issue, our dentist will determine whether you are eligible for dental crowns and if further treatment is necessary.

At Dr. Robert L. Simon dental clinic, we provide various services that involve dental crowns as part of the treatment. Below are some of the shared services offered in dental crown treatment.

Application of dental crown treatment

Dental crowns are widely used in general dentistry. However, the most common use of dental crown Fullerton ca is for cosmetic use.

For cosmetic reasons

In cosmetic dentistry, a dental crown is typically used to conceal a tooth and give it a new and whiter shade. We usually recommend a dental crown Fullerton ca for people who have yellow and discolored teeth. A tooth crown is very convenient since it doesn’t focus on improving the natural tooth. Instead, the dental crown covers the tooth thus eliminating the need to clean or whiten the tooth.

We usually use dental crowns for both the front teeth and the back teeth. For the back teeth, you can opt for a dental crown that is durable and strong, preferably made of metal. At Dr. Robert L. Simon dental clinic, we offer various types of dental crowns that will suit any of your dental issues.

For dental bridges

Dental bridges are dental equipment used to replace missing teeth by covering the gap in between teeth. A dental bridge comprises of a dental implant and a metal bridge which covers the space left by the missing tooth or teeth. A dental crown is normally used to help support the dental bridge on one side. The crown is fitted and used as an anchor for the dental bridge.

During treatment, we normally fit the dental crown permanently making it difficult to dislodge or shake off the tooth. Most dental crowns are usually easy on the gums and won’t cause any irritation or pain. Visit us today at Dr. Robert L. Simondental clinic and get the best dental crown treatment within the city.

In tooth filling

After getting your teeth filled with dental filling, we may recommend covering the filling with a dental crown Fullerton ca if the tooth has a large filling. The dental crown is usually used to prevent any damage from affecting the tooth after treatment. It is also beneficial in strengthening the tooth by providing a reinforced and harder shell.

For protection against damage

If you have weak teeth, then dental crowns may be your best option for stronger and more functional teeth. A dental crown is capable of used to cover the tooth and make it less prone to injury and other accidents. A dental crown will also make you’re toothless sensitive to cold and hot temperatures. Mostly, dental crowns are best for people with a grinding problem to reduce the pressure exerted on the teeth.