Dental crowns are artificial dental appliances that are widely used in dental cosmetics. In most cases, dental crowns are used to conceal discolored or decayed teeth. Today, it is quite ordinary for individuals to request dental crowns due to their ease of fitting and low recovery time. At DR. ROBERT L. SIMON dental clinic, we offer various dental Cosmetic services aimed at improving general dental aesthetics. We commonly recommend dental crowns Fullerton CA in most of our dental cosmetic procedures. Our proficient dentists will help you select the most suitable dental crown for your dental structure.

For protection purposes

There are various reasons why you would need a dental crown Fullerton CA one of them being protecting weak teeth from damage. In cosmetic dentistry, this is usually the main use for dental crowns that we apply. Dental crowns can as well be used to protect a cracked tooth from falling off or becoming broken. Instead of replacing the natural tooth with an artificial tooth, the dentist may opt to place a dental crown on top of the tooth to reinforce it against damage or further cracking. Teeth which are infected with tooth decay are also quite commonly concealed and protected by dental crowns. The dental crown will be used to protect the tooth from spreading the infection to other teeth.

For restoration purposes

The use of dental crowns in dentistry is largely based on improving aesthetics. At DR. ROBERT L. SIMON dental clinic, we offer dental crown fitting to restore tooth functionality and appearance.  This is usually done for broken teeth, cracked teeth or teeth that are excessively decayed. During treatment, the dental crown is usually placed on top of the damaged tooth. The dentist will first ensure that any infections are first treated before concealing the tooth. After that, the dental crown is stuck permanently onto the gum where it acts as a tooth replacement. Visit us today and enjoy top-notch tooth enhancement services.

Use in dental bridges

Dental bridges are dental appliances that are normally used to cover a section of missing teeth usually at the molars and premolars.  The dental bridge is basically a metallic material placed across the gap and supported on both sides by a tooth. If one end lacks a supportive tooth, the dentist will have to fit a dental crown Fullerton CA to anchor the dental bridge on one side. Depending on the position of the dental bridge, the dentist will decide whether he will use a single dental crown, two of them or none at all.

Use in dental implants

Dental implants are permanent artificial teeth that are used to replace missing teeth. A dental crown is usually placed on top of the implant root to act as the chewing part of the tooth. At DR. ROBERT L. SIMON dental clinic, we offer a wide range of dental crowns for dental implants including metal alloy crowns that are tough and durable. Visit us today and enjoy convenience in cosmetic dentistry.